A New Beginning

For several years I operated a website and blog under the Combative Concepts header. As time went on, I begin to harbor more and more unhappiness over that moniker for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the name became extremely limiting. As things evolved and my interests and skills expanded, some of the territory I wanted to cover was outside the small area dictated by that name. Wilderness survival, hard-use outdoor equipment, and related concerns weren’t necessarily “combative”. Secondly, I wasn’t the first the operate under that name, though I was unaware of that when I created the first dot com and blog.
After taking a few years off, I found myself with a new training group, and working on fresh ideas. The developmental path this group had ended up taking was very much an evolution of my thinking at the end of the Combative Concepts endeavor. I had, we had, created something new and it was time to move on from the restrictions of the past. Thus, BFE Labs was born.
The name came about in part thanks to Ian Wendt, of Special Circumstances, and his suggestion that a joking crack I had made would actually be a good name for this project.
The acronym BFE stands for “Bum Fuck Egypt”, a generalized concept of anywhere that is pretty much nowhere – Isolated, alone, austere, and possible hostile. The exact environments we have in mind for most of the work we do.

I have moved a few of the old Combative Concepts entries into this new blog, and once the dot com is up and running will move some of the old CC articles over there as well. Anything dated earlier than 2008 is from the Combative Concepts era – It is dated, some of my thinking has grown since then, and the BFE group is headed into new directions. That said, a lot of it is still worth reading, in my opinion, and as such it remains available.

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