A New Direction

We’ve been making some grave errors in how we conduct ourselves,and the ethos with which we operate. Recent work and writing, with the increased focus on observation and learning from being close to nature, has forced us to reconsider our positions.
For too long BFE Labs has been focused on violence and negativity. In our work, products and practices we have allowed the poison of violence to fill us, and spread from us to others. That violent poison within us even shaped our approaches to working in backcountry and natural environments. In our approach to the natural world and “survival” as dualistic between humans and the Earth,we have sent great legions of negativity into the world, and are only now realizing the harm we’ve done. We owe you all such a great and profound apology, that words will never be enough. So our words are just a beginning, a place to lay out our feelings and plans for returning to a harmonious and healthy coexistence, and how we hope to heal the wounds we’ve caused.

In the future, BFE Labs will move entirely away from “Hostility”. The only reason hostility exists in the world is because we continue to propagate it; Preparing for it, acting in supposed defense or preemption, and even thinking about hostility creates an incredible amount of negative energy. That energy looks for a home, in the anger and hate of other hearts, and causes the very hostile actions others hoped to avoid. Those supposedly preventative , securing, measures therefore become hostile acts themselves;Hostile to the whole world. Spending time in nature, exploring and adventuring, has taught us this.
So, we’re going to be moving in new directions, healthier and more positive approaches to living and coexistence with nature, including other humans. By refusing to engage in hostility, we are left to focus on austerity in new, and breathtaking, ways.
The world, particularly the natural world, offers us so many lessons and benefits. We have been approaching austerity as something to be solved, and we have been wrong. Austerity offers its own solutions, if we are in touch with the Earth and can hear her voice within our hearts. From here forward, we are dedicating ourselves to spreading the words and wisdom of our mother Earth, because she has the answers for every problem, every negative experience or situation, if only we listen. It is our mission, now that we’re finally listening, to share what we learn in nature, and help each of you discover the beauty and capability in your natural soul, when freed from negativity by nature. Our new focus is thus Solutions within Austerity; Answers for the important questions, of the world, heart and mind, as provided by deep and spiritual wilderness experience.

In coming weeks, we will be removing all references to hostility, violence, or use of force from this website. All of our tools and equipment related to violence and causing harm will be remanufactured into a variety of implements for bettering our lives in concert with the Earth. Knives, firearms and other steel tools will be reforged (in coal & petroleum free sustainable, recycled fuel “green forges”) into hand tools for a local “UnSchool” program teaching permaculture and sustainable food practices to elementary age children. Tools and parts made from other materials will be used in the creation of housewares to be donated to low-income undocumented immigrant families. All remaining items and materials of former negativity will be made available to local artists, and art-in-schools programs working with recycled media.
As we move forward, all our work in the wilderness will be re-focused to leaving no footprints, and living in concert with nature without doing harm, even in what many so-negatively refer to as “survival situations”. We have learned that survival is not a hardship, but an easy, and comfortable, process of existing within nature. Only those out of tune with our Earth mother struggle to eat, stay warm or be healthy in a natural environment. The “survival as hardship” thought process (thought poison) is something we will be entirely removing from our past work, and future outputs. This is a negative, masculine-centric approach to nature as something to be conquered, to be beaten and penetrated by men with tools and in anger. This is an incredibly damaging perspective, an active rape of mother Earth, that creates great negativity against all women. Our work to counter this perspective is essential to our new mission; We owe everyone so many apologies for this negativity we previously promoted, and the damage done to the rich femininity of nature.
The road is long, and is beset on all sides by forces of negativity and violence, but we are confident that we will endure. The Earth speaks within us, and through us, and alongside her we can create a new psycho-emotional climate of earth coexistence, learning from austerity, and achieving a state of whole-living as post-gender natural beings.

Thank you for sticking with us, and our most profound apologies for past negativity we may have brought to your life. We hope you will continue to join us, and allow us to remove that negativity and heal the harm done by it.

(Pssst! April Fools!)

6 responses to “A New Direction”

  1. confused and annoyed says:

    Not to add to much “negative” energy to your fancy new website or anything, but what just happened here? Did you guys fall off the train of sanity in the land of hippie happiness and spring flowers. Honestly I used to like your articles, BUT now I think I will get my information elsewhere

  2. Ian Wendt says:

    *snort* You’re a sick fuck, Atwood.

  3. Komitadjie says:

    Laughing. Butt. Off.

    Should know better than to read journal entries posted on April 1 while I’m drinking coffee. xD

  4. Huge says:

    LOL, but I nearly didn’t make it to the end.

  5. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    Man, I was picturing braided armpit hair, Birkenstocks and macrame hanging off the ceiing hooks, lol – that was funny!

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