We are constantly reading on and researching the topics we discuss here, and often come across important reference materials that are hard to find, out of print, or simply in the public domain and worthwhile to have mirrored various places.
In an effort to improve your knowledge, we’ve put together this library to house some of these materials.
Additionally, this library is the central hub for all BFE Labs Original Documents available for download.

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(Most of these documents are in .PDF format requiring an appropriate reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or FoxIt Reader to open them. Other documents formats such as .doc or .txt can be handled by the Open Office Suite [All suggested software is a free download]).

BFE Labs Original Documents:
A Proposed Guideline for Tactical Medical Self-Care in the  Civilian Environmentt – M. Atwood, BFE Labs.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Guidelines – November 2009

Evaluation of chest seal performance in a swine model. Comparison of Asherman vs. Bolin seal – Françoise Arnaud, Toshiki Tomori, Kohsuke Teranishi, Joon Yun, Richard McCarron, Richard Mahon.

Needle Thoracostomy by Non-Medical Law Enforcement Personnel: Preliminary Data on Knowledge Retention – Matthew D.Sztajnkrycer,MD,PhD (Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, Nov-Dec 2008)

Fake CAT Tourniquet Warning: Combat Application Tourniquet vs. E-CAT Presentation

NAVSEA Tourniquet Evaluations Report

Snakebite Suction Devices Don’t Remove Venom: They Just Suck – Sean P. Bush, MD (Annals of Emergency Medicine 43:2 2004)

Pressure Immobilization Delays Mortality and Increases Intracompartmental Pressure After Artificial Intramuscular Rattlesnake Envenomation in a Porcine Model – Sean P. Bush,MD, et al. (Annals of Emergency Medicine 44:6 2004)

Burns: Military Options and Tactical Solutions – Steven J. Thomas, MD, George C. Kramer, PhD, and David N. Herndon, MD (The Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection, and Critical Care 54:5)

Report of Observations Re:  White Phosphorus Quenching by Water-Jel Technical Report on IITRI Project No. C08066 (Department of the Army, Pyrotechnics Branch, Aberdeen Proving Ground)

Antibiotics in Tactical Combat Casualty Care 2002, Capt. Frank Butler (Military Medicine 168, 2003)