A Visual Addition to Theory of Ultra-Small Combative Knives

Much of the attraction (and danger) of ultra-small knives is in the opportunities, often unconventional, they present for concealment.

This would be much better executed with an appropriately sized locking folder, or a thin fixed blade, than the slip-joint shown. Not a suggest EDC-method, but rather an illustration of possibilities: Hopefully one that will start the synapses firing among readers.

2 responses to “A Visual Addition to Theory of Ultra-Small Combative Knives”

  1. Pig Monkey says:

    Underneath the lapel on your shirt.

  2. BFE Labs says:

    I like that.
    I used to carry a ShivWorks Lil’ Loco under the lapel on a jacket a lot too.
    It’s a much more functional spot than the hat, having it behind the lapel. It’s on the high line, so if the waist is blocked or trapped, the knife can still be accessed, and it can still be accessed with robust mechanics.

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