Bad Experience with Boundtree Medical

Normally, a bad experience with a retailer would not get mentioned here. Our focus is not to sling mud, and many of the “these guys suck!” rants that crop up are just that. However, there are times when a warning is in order to others, based on experience with a business. Particularly when, in the past, we have directed friends and students to that business. I let this post sit well over a month, to fully calm down and gain more objectivity, and then took a look at it again. After reexamination, I have no hesitation in posting this; It needs to be brought up, so that people can make informed decisions about where they spend their money.

Because of their ubiquity in the professional environment, I have at least a handful of times in the past directed people to BoundTree Medical for their medical/first aid supplies needs. Despite having some of their house-brand gear and seeing large orders made with them, I’d never placed a personal credit/debit card order with them until recently. It was a goat-rope.
I needed a small number of supplies to round out a custom first aid kit for a friend, roughly $25 worth. My order, invoiced for that $25 was broken up into chunks and charged to my account in chunks. This is, probably, where the problem began. As the order arrived, bit by bit over about a week, I saw the invoices were different amounts than those actually being charged. Then the charges kept coming, and totaled far more than my order. The first charge was $18, then $6, and then a series of charges between $1 and $13, totaling up to over $50 charged to my account. When I notified Boundtree of this issue it took their billing department 3 days to get back to me, at which point they said that the additional charges were, in fact, credits. I politely told them that they were not credits, rather they were debits (a hick from the sticks I may be, but I know which way my money goes and what those little + and – signs mean). At that time, a Thursday, I told them to make it right by Friday, or I’d go through the bank with a fraudulent charges dispute. After that the nice girl in customer service wrote back within minutes to tell me she would have someone call me from billing. I told her what hours I was available that day and the following and that if they didn’t get me, to leave voicemail and I would call back. No one called, no one left voicemail. I let it sit over the weekend as more pressing things came up, and on Monday morning logged into my bank account to begin the fraud dispute process. Upon logging in, I found that Boundtree had returned my money.
While I am pleased that they straightened out my order, the process took almost two weeks from the first confusing charges, until my money was returned. The Boundtree billing department either does not know the difference between taking money and sending out money or they knowingly lied to me when initially saying they had credited my account. Neither one is particularly tolerable, and, even with an eventually favorable resolution, it is no tolerable that it happened at all. I have no further desire to do business with a company that feels it can charge its customers above and beyond an order, and make no effort to get it right until seriously rousted by that customer. Taking peoples money for no exchange of goods or services and without an agreement to take that money is theft; Accidental, on purpose, it is still theft. BoundTree Medical ( ) is a no go as far as I am concerned. To those I’ve suggested source materials there in the past, I apologize and hope you had less problems.
Boundtree is part of the Sarnova family of companies which includes Blue Ridge Medical, Emergency Medical Products and Tri-anim, all of which will be avoided in the future, with the recommendation to others to do the same. Will it hurt them? No, it won’t, but it will save me (and hopefully some others) from having to deal with their clownshoes billing department.

Shop where you will; This is posted for informative purposes only, to enable our friends, readers, and clients to make informed decisions about where to spend their money.

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