Be More Bad Ass Than Jack Bauer!

It’s been asked, “WWJBD”, or, “What Would Jack Bauer Do?” – Well, after watching tonights premiere of 24 I believe the answer has been found: Jack would carry an empty, but ever so stylish, leather musette bag, which contained no reloads and no blow-out-kit.
In the premiere we see Jack cut apart a dirty mattress in a NYC alleyway to make a pressure dressing for an injured informant. Shortly there-after, they are attacked by the bad-guys and after a brief shoot-out Jack declares that they need to run as he’s run his HK USP dry. All the while, his charming (in a manly, rugged, way) leather musette bag is bouncing along on his hip empty as a politicians promise.
So, here’s how you be more bad ass than Jack Bauer: Actually carry tools!

Once you have the skills, setting up a blow-out-kit for your daily carry bag is pretty easy!

Reloads should be carried on body for more reliable access, but if you’ve got the real estate having some in your bag probably hurts nothing.

Having a few tools in your pack can help you overcome difficult situations, and that too, isn’t that difficult!

I’d bet that most of you readers, are bigger bad-asses than Jack Bauer. If you weren’t before, you are now.
For those still struggling – BFE Labs is currently developing a 12-step program for recovering Bauerites who are having difficulty coming to grips with these issues. Additionally, a seven point book, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Reluctant Anti-Hero’s” is in the works.

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