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For several years now we’ve been intensely focused on the “Grey Man” concept. Through our study and development, we’ve come to possess a robust and proven ability to disappear into the urban landscape. As a result of this, we’ve teamed up with an as-yet unnameable clothier, to produce what we feel is the ultimate in discrete urban clothing: Urban Schlub.
This groundbreaking new line of casual (appearing) garments, is a direct outgrowth of the Urban Schlub field training program. A rigorous night-time course, conducted in the actual environment, the Urban Schlub field course puts participants through harrowing exercises in discreet blending activities. Forced out of their comfort zones these Urban Schlubs must exist, appearing perfectly normal, in a variety of real world urban environments: Sidewalks, front porches, and other seemingly mundane areas of operation.
Based on this rigorous training, Urban Schlub clothing and disruptive pattern materials is the ultimate in discrete wear for the urban interstices and industrial badlands of the modern life.
We’ll be releasing more information about Urban Schlub tomorrow, but for tonight, slip over to the Facebook page and take a look at the Urban Schlub Exercises gallery!

Urban Schlub exclusive Marvin the Martian disruptive pattern material, featuring out of this world combinations of ideal urban tonal shades.

Urban Schlub Gallery on Facebook

Urban Schlub: Redux – A Fuller Explanation

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