Blackside: LoVis Concepts – Course Announcement

Times change. People learn. The urban contact-space evolves. We must evolve to not just match, but dominate, the extant threat-profiles. Blame who you will, but the conventional operator is more recognizable than ever. To succeed, to dominate, you must be able to disappear into the background, strike from within the crowd, and be highly mobile.
After more than a year of development, we’ve created a new course designed to maximize your urban operability with the best lo-vis methods and equipment for rapid strike threat negation.

Blackside: LoVis Concepts brings together the two most vital areas of modern low-vis operations, concealed weapon tactics and optimization, and low-profile high return medical solutions.
Combining close-quarter-battle pistol techniques together with highly optimized ring-based fighting knives, we’ve created a highly effective and elite combat system for proximal-threat negation.

Utilizing the combat proven karambit and ring-dagger designs, students will learn how to integrate these edged weapons with the modern combat handgun, to form a dual-effective weapons system. Simultaneous use of the knife and firearm will be a focus, as these phenomenal tools allow for use at full extension in the off-hand, as well as when teamed with the pistol for devastating close-combat effectiveness. Unique solutions to room-entry and threat confrontation are possible with this unique tandem tasking of weapons, and students will experience these at full-speed in the Sims-killbox portion of the LVC course.

Blackside: LoVis Concepts will imbed the operator with hardened muscle-memory, to eliminate threats in the 0-foot envelope of modern combat, and dial-in their skills for rapid management of bleeding holes immediately at the site of penetration, without having to wait for extrication. In these close confines, injury is always a risk, and the operator must have the essentials of battle-wound care on their person. The LVC course covers the latest and best in minimalist hemorrhage management technologies, in a hands on, highly pressurized scenario-based, environment.

Blackside: LVC will be held July 15 – 17, in an isolated New Mexico training facility exclusive to BFE Labs. Students will be given directions to a central rally point, and delivered to the training site by BFE Labs staff.
This is a high-speed course, with rigorous performance demands. Attendees will be vetted, and slots are limited. This is not a course for amateurs, and under-performers will be removed from the training environment.
Interested parties are encouraged to fill out an application, via the link below.

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