Changes Coming at BFE Labs

Over the coming weeks, we’re going to be going through some changes. Rather than simply springing this without warning, we wanted to bring you, our readers, into the loop of whats going down.
Right now some things are set in stone, but we also recognize that change prompts the unforeseen. We’ll keep you, the reader, appraised and involved throughout the process. We aren’t expecting an outage, but if, for some reason, we go down now is a great time to be following us on Twitter, and Facebook – If any black swans come through raising hell, that’s where you’ll find out whats up.

Here is where we’re at currently:
We, as a study group publishing our work and findings, have evolving needs. Primary among those is the need to evolve BFE Labs on the web to allow us to provide more and better content for you. That need alone creates most of the other needs. As a growing provider of services and products, we also have evolving needs – Although this is a slower moving side of the house currently, it is coming and we need to grow in order to make those things work.
In order to do this BFE Labs is going to be expanding into a full website, rather than just a blog. The blog isn’t going away, rather everything else is going to expand. Many, if not most, of our posts at this point are actually articles, reviews, or tutorials and not typical blog posts. Eventually in a full website these will be broken up into categories and accessed by title through a primary index.
However initially this change will happen slowly, with the blog adding a few more features and pages, and then everything will jump along to a full blown website, with a blog. Yes, the blog will continue then, simply being published on a “/blog” extension of the website. This will give us a great deal more freedom in the type of thing we publish, and the material we can bring you. Full length, serious, pieces will be organized on the site, and shorter, possibly irreverent posts, will go on the integrated blog. The blog will also be used for course announcements, product/services updates and similar news items.
In short: Posts like this, and this, will be published in the articles section, while posts like this or this will continue to be made on the blog.

Moving to a unique domain name first as a blog and then integrating that blog into a full website, is going to necessitate a change of host/publishing tool for the blog. I’ve used Blogger for almost eight years (with this blog and others), and like the interface and available tools – However their recent decision to discontinue support of FTP publishing leaves little option. There is no way to fully integrate the blog into a website under Blogger’s new publishing strategy.
We will be switching over to WordPress for our blog publishing. This change is among the first to occur, and has actually already happened. Everything at the old URL is now here at and the .blogspot URL will be all-but defunct as of this entry. WordPress provides a (mostly) superior tool set to Blogger, and allows for full integration of the blog into the website. WordPress handles layouts differently, and this has necessitated some changes to our look – We have not, in point of fact, settled on a look yet and what exists now is more temporary placeholder than finished page design.
For now, both blog addresses will continue to mirror one another. There will be no need to update your bookmarks of RSS feeds until the new domain name has gone live. That website will be along shortly, and full notification will be posted everywhere (WordPress, Blogger, Twitter and Facebook) when the site goes live.
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Now, the reason for bringing this to everyones attention early is two fold – It is for your benefit, and ours. Yes, ulterior motives are strongly as work here (but even those are for your benefit as much as ours) – We need your help with this process. The new blog is in its infancy. The website is barely embryonic. Things are still changing, and we want your input on what to change, what to add, and where to go from here.
What do we do that you like? What don’t you like? What would you like to see? What would you change about the user-interface (i.e. the look and navigation of the blog) and how would you like a full website to look and work for you, the user?
We’re going to keep things fairly simple. We want you, the reader/user, to be able to access the site easily, read the articles/tutorials/reviews, read the blog, look at our service and course offerings, place an order through the shop (eventually), and contact us. And we want it all to be easy to do. No logging in. No discussion forums. No additional foofaraw. That’s working very well for some of our friends, but it is not for us. We want simple. Unless you can convince us otherwise…
What do you want to see, and how do you want to see it? We want to know! Say it here in the comments, email us, log into Twitter and tweet or d/m us, sign in to facebook and write it on our wall or make a discussion post about it. Just, let us know!

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