Standard CourseWork:

Medicine Under Threat
Designed for the armed individual, this two day course introduces students to the tactical environment , and provides the essential skills for managing life threatening penetrating injuries in that environment. The course is broken down into two sub-components, presented on training day one and training day two respectively.

Day 1: Self Care in Tactical Environments:
We begin by defining tactical environments, exploring the need for medical care within them… [[Read More]]


Good Medicine for 96 Bad Hours
A two-day course in first aid and management of illness/injury for the short-duration survival event. Defined as 24-96 hours separated from conventional assurances of safety, security and healthcare, the short-duration survival event can occur anywhere from the wilderness, to the city or in-between. This course focuses on skills and tools applicable to any survival environment.

Beginning with the fundamentals of mindset and [[Read More]]


HeartSaver First Aid, CPR, AED
Broken down into two 4-hour sections, Heartsaver is the American Heart Association standard for First Aid, CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and use of the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).
This class is available for groups of up-to [[Read More]]


Breakouts & Short-form Coursework
Appropriate for conferences, community meetings, evenings, and events, these short duration blocks provide focused instruction on various topics, in a 2-to-4 hour length. Topics include Hemostatics and Hemorrhage Control, Venomous Snakebite Management, and Survival First Aid. [[Read More]]


Currently there are no scheduled courses. If you would like to schedule a course, or inquire about other training options, please contact us at or via the form on the specific course page.

Online Training & Consulting
We’re exploring eLearning programs, and hope to launch eCourses soon. We are currently available for consult, and can provide basic instruction in many topics, via Skype. Please contact us for more information and rates.