Breakout and Short-form Coursework

IMG_7543Appropriate for conferences, community meetings, evenings, and events, these short duration blocks provide focused instruction on various topics, in a 2-to-4 hour length.

Pressure Immobilization Technique (Australian Method) for Snakebite Management:
Based on international and state protocols for, and leading research on, field management for snakebite, this block will provide students with an understanding of the mechanisms of action of venomous snakebite, the history of the “Australian Method” aka Pressure Immobilization Technique, how to apply this compressive envenomation first-aid in any environment, and how to treat and transport the snakebite patient.
2 Hours.

First Aid for 96 Bad Hours:
A short, lecture based, introduction to the short duration (24-96 hour) survival event, and the medical skills necessary in that environment. This short-format, unlike our full two day Good Medicine for 96 Bad Hours, provides an overview of skills, and gives students a structure on which to build future training and identify needs, rather than providing full instruction in all the topics covered. Content is similar to the full Good Medicine course, beginning with mindset and preparation and moving into assessment, and major threats to life and limb from Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability or Environmental sources.
2 – 4 hours.

Tactical Hemostatics and Bleeding Control
This short course provides the up-to-date science of hemostatic (blood clotting) agents, separates myths from facts, and provides hands on lessons on controlling life threatening hemorrhage. Tactical Hemostatics and Bleeding Control will tell you why QuikClot wont(!) burn you, why you need to have both tourniquets and pressure dressings in your kit as well as a hemostatic agent, what the leading scientific findings about hemostatic agents are, and most importantly, how to use them (and other tools) to control bleeding and save a life.
2 Hours.

As with other courses, we can tailor short presentations for your group or needs, both for content and time.
If you’re interested in scheduling a course or discussing a custom curriculum, contact us!