Good Medicine for 96 Bad Hours

A two-day course in first aid and management of illness/injury for the short-duration survival event. Defined as 24-96 hours separated from conventional assurances of safety, security and healthcare, the short-duration survival event can occur anywhere from the wilderness, to the city or in-between. This course focuses on skills and tools applicable to any survival environment.

Beginning with the fundamentals of mindset and preparedness, we introduce the essential mental skills that separate survivors from the dead, and begin tying those into actions to take in preparing for, and navigating the survival environment. From this foundation we move into medical skills, beginning with a compressed method for patient assessment, appropriate for survival situations and cognizant of the weapons-bearing-environment.
From there, we focus on major life-threats to Airway, Breathing and Circulation, and the threats presented by Disability (fractures, sprains), and the Environment itself (heat and cold injuries, dehydration, animal and plant threats). Other topics covered will include packaging and moving patients, shelter and marking (signaling) for sites-of-care, Pressure Immobilization Technique for venomous snake-bite, and packing and carry methods for first aid kits.

This is a hands-on class: We will tell you the problem, and why we think a particular action is the solution, and then it’ll be all hands on learning and practicing the skills. The class wraps with scenarios, in which multiple skills will be put to use simultaneously. Students will be expected to work with one another, and in groups of three or more.
(This course is also available in an abbreviated “break-out” format, of 2-to-4 hours length. This shorter sessions is strictly an overview, and direction for pursuit of further training, and involves less hands-on skill building. [[Click Here]] to find out more.)

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