Medicine Under Threat

Designed for the armed individual, this two day course introduces students to the needs of tactical environments , and provides the essential skills for managing life threatening penetrating injuries in that environment. The course is broken down into two sub-components, presented on training day one and training day two respectively.

Day 1: Self Care in Tactical Environments:
We begin by defining tactical environments, exploring the need for medical care within them with an overview of “bullets in bodies”. Looking at actual shooting reports and contemporary wound ballistics, we will identify life threats in these environments, and drive home the idea that, for the individual, it is not “fire superiority” but “accuracy of fire” that is the best medicine.
From there the class moves forward differently from some other courses: Instead of starting with team tactics or buddy aid, Self Care focuses on the individual fighters need for immediate-action skills to stabilize life threatening penetrating trauma. When seconds matter, and the individual injured is his/her only means of immediate support, priorities are different – Self Care in Tactical Environments teaches an immediate-action protocol to stop the threat, stabilize the injury, and survive until emergency medical services arrive.
(Self Care in Tactical Environments is also available as a stand-alone 1-day course).

Day 2: Care of Others in Tactical Environments
Continuing from the lessons of day one, we expand the students new found knowledge of wounds and how to manage them on themselves, into how to manage those wounds on other people. Returning again to real-world data, we begin by introducing the next wrinkle in the individuals tactical trauma care problem-sets: Family and others in the environment. Students will learn how the life saving interventions they learned on day one can be applied to others, including those outside the conventional parameters (children, very thin to largely built people, and so on).
Over the two days, this course will also explore the available tools for penetrating trauma management, best-use practices, and how to carry a complete set of tools daily, no matter your manner of dress or working environment. Every student gets hands on experience with tourniquets, trauma dressings, hemostatic agents and other products both in self application and use on others. Instruction is based around realistic skills practice with these tools.

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