Folding Utility Knives

The folding utility knife is nothing new – its been around for awhile, with some pretty good quality ones having come out in the past couple of years. I think the first one I was aware of was the SuperKnife, which is probably still the best quality of them on the market, but there are several different brands out there now. Including several, of essentially the same type, that are being logo-branded by tool companies like Husky, or Kobalt, and sold cheaply in big-box hardware stores like Lowes.
I’ve had one of these, a Husky labeled utility knife, for awhile now and use it to cut assorted stuff around my knife making shop. Its a good tool, well made with a solid lock and a comfortable handle.
Just yesterday at Lowe’s I picked up a folding Carpet Knife, with the nice double-edged razor style blade. A liner lock, this. Good lockup too.

The “low-profile” non-weapon weapons aspect of these tools is obvious; as a more concealable successor to the venerable box cutter. I have actually carried mine in the non-permissive environment on a couple of occasions. Not my first choice, but it is an option.
The box-cutter (and similar utility knives: carpet knives, linoleum knives) have long been a favored “Street weapon”. I’ve seen more than one homeless guy with one in his back pocket and read more than one news article about some poor sap who stepped around the wrong corner and got one to the face and throat. I recall one article about a guy who got his neck sliced open by a gang member, ran all the way to the hospital hands clamped around his neck, and lived. He was fucking lucky.
In the UK a common name for edged weapons is “Stanleys” thanks to the good old Stanley box-cutter.
There is probably not a one of us that doesnt remember the role of the meager box-cutter in the 9/11 attacks.
Going back even further, I remember an old article in Tactical Knives by Bob Kasper, in the Street Smarts column (back around 1996 I’d guess), talking about the “deadly box-cutter attack”. In it he talked about one of the best defenses against that type of mad-slashing attack I have seen – Hands on your head (temple area), elbows in tight (sort of a double arm version of the “Flinch “ala SouthNarc), to protect your face and neck from the slashes with that bony structure, and delivering an explosive barrage of low-line kicks, trying to break your attackers structure down. You’ll get cut – but where do you get cut? The arms, elbows not the face and neck.

Every time I go to town I see several people with these folding-box cutters clipped to their pocket, usually some form of the one I have labeled Husky. Not all of these folk are the working-man looking type, the sort who would have one. I’ve seen more than a few “gangsta” types with these in their pockets. For all the ones I see, I have to wonder – how many dont get seen, because they know better than to be seen?
These things may be cheap, but like the older style (and still prevalent) boxcutter, they are solid and vicious weapons in determined hands. Occasionally its good to remember that.
In our training sometimes its good to put aside those big rubber A/F trainers, and use something to add a little more spice and reality to the mix. Thats why I make that folding box-cutter trainer up there, and why I keep a couple for myself.
Put some lipstick on the front 3/4″ and try your disarms on that and see how you fair.

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