Imminent Threat Solutions

A post on the LightFighter forums brought a new website/blog to my attention this morning – Imminent Threat Solutions.
ITS Tactical is a group of experienced tactical professionals, who simply want to provide good information on gear and methods to the community. They are not a commercial reviewer, and have no agenda beyond sharing what they’ve found that works. This is an ethos I can very much identify with, and respect.
Reading what they have up so far I actually learned a few things, and have been extremely impressed with the content, presentation and attitude on whole. On a mostly personal note as an NDE enthusiast (and doing some work in that area currently), I was tickled to see them giving some attention to lockpicking as a skillset. It’s so rarely talked about in anything other than hushed voices in this community, I’m glad to see someone giving it some attention.
At any rate – Thus far an impressive beginning, I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ve got to say in the future an dwill be saying tuned. You should check them out.

Imminent Threat Solutions – Tactical

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  1. ITS Tactical says:

    Thanks for checking out our site, you’ve got some great information here too!

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