“Its The Tribes, Stupid”

I posted this via the oft-ignored BFELabs Twitter feed, and managed to screw up the link, so I’ll just put it here and do a proper job of it.

Steven Pressfield, author and historian (author of Gates of Fire, among others), has been, for about two months now, publishing a blog on Tribalism and warfare, specifically in Afghanistan. It began with a five part video series, and has continued as a series of blog writings. It is very good.
Pressfield has also posted about other topics, primarily writing, and he’s had good things to say on that front too. Things which a lot of bloggers (even tacti-bloggers) could learn from, including me as the BFE Labs proprietor and mouth-piece in charge.
Pressfield’s blog has become one of my favorites, rather rapidly, and in my opinion is one of the best of its kind out there. I encourage you to check it out.

“Its the Tribes, Stupid” – http://blog.stevenpressfield.com/

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