Now that recent academic efforts have concluded and there is time available again I’m busily typing away behind the scenes on many things, for here and elsewhere, and preparing for some new rounds of actual field work and testing. As I’m working though, I realize that we have accumulated a variety of documents relevant to things discussed here on BFE Labs that might benefit others. Or rather, that might be of benefit if there was a place to share them.
To that end, if you look at the Navigation Tabs above and to the left, you will see a new category: Library. There-in you will find documents for download, typically .PDF files.
These documents will be on a variety of relevant topics, and all the documents will be in the public domain, fall under fair use, or be otherwise available to share and download (to the best of our knowledge).
The library will also be used to provide easy access to all BFE Labs generated documents, such as our Guideline for Self Care in the Tactical Environment, as well as course and product related materials.

We’re beginning the Library with the cataloging of some medical documents, primarily related to Tactical and Wilderness medical issues. As we go forward documents related to the breadth of our topics will be added as they come to our attention.
Suggestions, requests and donations are encouraged and welcomed.
To access the library click here: Library (or click Library in the menu bar at top, or at left)

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