Self Care in the Tactical Environment & Other Medical Training

On the 21st of February we ran a beta for the Self Care in the Tactical Environment class, for a group of friends and out of town students. Ian Wendt of Special Circumstances assisted me with the class.
The class was essentially made possible thanks to generous donations from TEMS Solutions/SWAT-Tourniquet, First Care/PerSys Medical and Z-Medica – Thanks to everyone with these fine companies for your encouragement and support!
The class size was slightly smaller than we’d anticipated, due to some last minute back-outs, but was still a good sized student group.
As I’d hoped, the class went well and having the ability to evaluate the curriculum and teaching plan in the real world will be a great benefit to further evolutions of the course material.
In the coming weeks I will be posting the updated syllabus, developed based on this first class and subsequent student feedback. The syllabus will be part of a student guidebook, which will include the Guidelines for Self Care in the Tactical Environment, in addition to the Tactical Combat Casualty Guidelines and other information. The guidebook will be made available, probably as a .pdf, for free download, in addition to being offered for purchase in book form (printed student copies will be part of each student packet for future classes).
In addition to this new syllabus, the class is being re-worked based on the experience of running it, and the feedback received from the beta group. Details of this evolutions, and the training concepts behind the course material, will also be posted at some point in the near future.
(Photos & etc are below the jump).

Here are some photos from the course, and a private range day conducted the following afternoon. The range session was nothing too dramatic or involved, merelt myself, Ian Wendt, and two associates applying and pressure testing some of the class material during live fire drills. I’m working on some drills to combine live-fire and medical skills-practice, that can really challenge the shooter/aid-giver on both levels (shooting and care) – More on that down the road.

Practicing Single-Handed Pressure Dressing Applications

Student Improvising a Tourniquet w/ Triangular Bandage

Instruction on Wound Packing, using Quick-Clot Combat Gauze

Students Practicing Wound Packing and Dressing Application

A Completed Application of Tourniquet, Hemostatic, Wound Packing and Pressure Dressing; Note hemostatic packaging taped to dressing to alert first responders.

Using Simulated Cover (range debris) for Tourniquet Application

Shooting on the Move with Tourniquet Placed

Same as Above; Drill was Shoot to Cover, Tourniquet, Break Cover and Shoot on the Move.

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