Spotting a Hidden Handgun

This was posted on Total Protection Interactive, and archiving it so that it wouldn’t disappear into the internet void was mentioned. In keeping, and to further spread the tactical good news, I’m posting it here. The original source is, apparently, the NYPD.

Although it is valuable for the original purpose of fostering awareness, I see this as more of a “things not to do” list than things to watch out for. There are more “tells” than are listed here that I’ve seen people (good guys) with concealed weapons fall victim too – If you pay attention to what you’re doing, you’ll probably be aware of them and be able to avoid them.
If you think the bad-guys are unaware of these tells, and aren’t watching for them, you’re wrong. Maybe dead wrong.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    " There are more "tells" than are listed here"… Like what?

  2. BFE Labs says:

    Many are similar in nature to whats pictured in this graphic, really. Call it variations on a theme. I've seen guys who thought they were slick by avoiding touching their gun with their hand, instead using their elbow to press down on it or adjust the holster ride. (A lot of that "oh shit my gun moved" can be overcome by using good gunleather/gunkydex that holds the gun firmly and rides firmly in one place.)Hand/arm movements on the weapon side are often off, either not in sync with other body movements (staying close to the gun) or the arm is carried further out from the body than the non-weapon arm.General hyper-awareness of the area where the gun (or other weapon) rides, including not brushing it against surfaces or others, nervousness about attention paid to that area, and repetitive "casual" touching of the tool, or adjustment of the garments surrounding it.Pay attention to what you, as an armed individual, do. Pay attention to what others in your circle (known to be armed) do. Pay attention to what Bubba, Jim-Bob and Daryl-Joe do at the gun-shop. Long term self-awareness and observance of others is a good thing – Not only can you learn things like this from it, but it helps foster general awareness of pre-assault indicators, deceptions and so on.

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