Trauma Comi/x Teaser

Trauma Comi/x are a training aid we’ve developed to expand our range of written and visual training materials for first aid in the “tactical” environment. The comics are intended to provide an easily accessible, visually entertaining, supplement to other materials and training. As with the rest of our material in this area, at this point we’re primarily focused on “self care” methods and tools.
We’re still at work on the complete series, but are excited enough about the progress that we wanted to share a teaser with you now.
The series in whole will be published here, made available in a complete digital volume and as a complete printed volume as well. The whole series will be a series of “stories”, each one illustrating different tools and techniques, including improvisation. Each story will be bookended by short segments illustrating how-to detail of materials and methods that the story skimmed.

Lucky’s Story:

More to Come – Stay Tuned!

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  1. Kyle says:

    Neato Posquito! Looking forward to this.

    – Kyle

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