Non-Commercial Use of BFE Labs Material

At this point BFE Labs has only provided a single document, both on this site and external to it, intended for widespread dissemination: The “Proposed Guideline for Tactical Medical Self Care in the Civilian Environment”.
This document, originally generated for the BFE Labs training group, has become the foundation of the BFE Labs curriculum on tactical self care for the armed individual. The document has always been made widely available, so that others (beyond collaborators or students of BFE Labs) could make use of it. To that end, the document has always been made available for non-commercial use by others, with the caveat that they first request permission and always provide appropriate attribution (Morgan Atwood).
This request was originally intended to limit the amount of copying, theft and unattributed distribution happening on the web. The secondary benefit was that we could be aware of where, and how, the work as being used; Among other things this meant we could join in online discussions or make ourselves available for Q&A (in the case of training groups and such).
Recently we’ve had more official requests to use the “Proposed Guideline” in professional settings. We’re flattered and humbled by these requests from agencies, non-commercial training coordinators and so forth to make use of the document, and are of course happy to make it available.
To make use of “A Proposed Guideline for Tactical Medical Self Care in the Civilian Environment” easier for various non-commercial professionals and their organizations we’ve changed the terms under which we share this document.
This work is now licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. If you are interested in using this work in your non-commercial curriculum, as a supplement for your agency, or another non-commercial endeavor we ask that you please email to notify us and obtain the complete license packet. If you are interested in using the work outside the terms of the Creative Commons license (i.e. if you need to adapt the document to fit within a larger handout or curriculum) you will need to email us, at the given address, to discuss your intended use and request such permissions. Please note, this is only available to non-commercial entities: You may not make money from this work. We are providing it under this type of license in order to allow agencies and other non-commercial users to benefit freely from our work; Please don’t abuse these permissions.
All previous permission to distribute/share this work remains valid; All future requests are covered by this license. Notification of use is still requested – This notification allows us to provide you with the complete text of the license, as well as the most current version of the “Guideline” that exists (in such case as it is not currently available on the website).

We hope that this document can continue to benefit armed individuals, both private and professional, in their continuing first-aid and medical education and training. We’re very interested in receiving your feedback, questions and comments and are committed to being available to assist non-commercial users in any way possible. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions or need assistance in making the most of this document.
We encourage commercial users to contact us about hosting a BFE Labs course, or securing private training from us.

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