We Remember

Today many people will want to do many things. Only a few will want to forget – Most will want to remember. Some will want to reflect. Others mourn. And still others hate. Some will do all that and more.
Many believe there is no place in the world for hate. We disagree:  Embrace the hate. For to embrace is take ownership of it and put it to work, rather than let it own and destroy us.
They say that you need to be the change that you want to see in the world – Our standard is that of the courageous who acted for the greater good on that day nine years ago: The men and women of the human race who braved hell, for one another – So we remember what was done, and what it took to do it, and we let that guide us.
And to each their own. There are those who remember, and stand fast, so that others can forget. It is the way of the world.
To those men and women of memory and strength – To those who know fire and blood and would still, nine years later, hit those stairs and go up all the same – To those on the front lines, carrying the fire and bringing the rain – To all those who were lost, the innocent and the brave – We honor you this day, and all days. Everything you gave, give and will give. We support you, and are proud to be of your tribe, your species. We will never forget.

9 – 11 – 01

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