“Women Should Be Dressed in White, Like Other Kitchen Appliances”

I think by now we’ve all heard the line that is this posts title, and know the stink it caused when the honcho of Formula 1 said it about, and to, Danica Patrick (Indy 500 4th place finisher). I’m not a racing fan, at all, and I heard it. If not, JFGI
What relevance does racing, or misogyny in that good ol’ boys club have to self defense/combatives?
The former, not much, the latter? A lot.
Like a lot of male dominated fields, there is a lot of misogynistic behavior in the communities of firearms and combatives enthusiasts/practicioners/instructors.
Just recently on one of the forums I frequent there was a discussion that came up on what “women need to know” to successfully protect themselves. Several of the comments were less than heartening….

“Bring her man with her…”

“The most important thing a woman needs to know? The PIN number to the debit card.”

This is, sad to say, typical.
This field is, pretty much, a boys club – particularly when we start talking about the serious innovators, those who work and train hard and distill the best, most cutting edge, software from their experience and study.
Now, most of these gentlemen, are just that – Gentlemen. But, theres the occasional internet poster, or range officer, or gun-store clerk who has the “Women should be dressed in white, like other kitchen appliances attitude.”
And generally, even those of us who do not like that attitude, we ignore it. We dont call people on it, dont make waves.
The problem with that is when our daughters, wives, mothers, or girlfriends run into that attitude – on one of the boards we post on, and have encouraged them to visit, or in a gun store or at a range. Especially if they are new to the whole thing, just getting their feet wet, and maybe already a little bit uncomfortable.
That kind of attitude can be like running into a brick wall – If it was just starting to get interesting, or fun, one nasty run in like that can end the fun.
It just takes once, and the whole thing is over – you wont get her to go back to the range, or back on the board, again.

We may think its funny – But the women in our lives dont. I can be a sexist bastard just jokingly (I laughed at the “Women should be dressed…” comment), but not around my girl.
Frankly, any woman who puts up with our shit, deserves better – especially if she is beginning to accept her responsibility to protect herself, and expressing an interest in learning more about it.
Sexism, misogyny, even in fun, has no place in serious discussion, or training, involving women.
There’s some real pieces of shit out there, who want to do horrible things to our queens. The ladies in our lives need every chance they can have, to get every advantage they can get.

Now, in answer to the “Whats the most important thing for a woman to know question”, here is an excellent comment from James Yeager of Tactical Response:

“That it is just as right and just for her to defend herself as it is to defend her children.”

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